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CV Writing and Interview Coaching

Helping you get hired!

The job hunt can be daunting & tiring... demoralising even.

Recruiters face seas of CVs for most of the roles they are hiring, CVs that fail to catch their eye can easily be missed. A CV needs to be succinct, informative, relevant and eye catching if you want it to succeed in helping you get that new job, and that's where we come in!

We help people develop awesome CVs that catch the eye of employers, focus on the
right skills and give the information recruiters are seeking.

We also offer a coaching service to help prepare you for those all important interviews,
take a look below to learn how we can help you.

CV Writing £90

Choosing this level of service means that we will hold a 30 minute CV consultation with you and write (or rewrite) your CV for you

cv writing and 1-hour application consultation

This service level offers the basic CV writing with 30 minute CV consultation, plus a 30 minute separate consultation offering guidance on how to effectively apply for jobs

cv writing, application and interview consulting

Here you will not only get both CV writing and application consultation, you will also receive 2 x 45 minute interview prep support sessions

full cv support and coaching

Here we offer the highest level of support, ongoing coaching and preparation support, CV rewriting and interview guidance - up to six-hours of support is offered here

Curriculum Vitae

CV Writing Tips


Keep it clean, clearly labelled and make it as easy to read as possible - if you have more education than experience, put education first; if you have more experience than education, put experience first


Make sure the content is relevant to the job you're applying for - never have I sent the same CV to two different recruiters (unless they're an agency). Always read the job description and use the same language  in your CV as they use in their ad.


CHECK SPELLING AND GRAMMAR! There is nothing more off-putting to a potential employer than poor grammar, spelling, or silly mistakes in a CV. Most employers are looking for attention to detail and/or basic ability to communicate - mistakes in a CV demonstrate weakness in both these skills - always check and re-check for mistakes.

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