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Training Session Examples

Leadership and Management

thirst4 consulting is more than just a training company.


Our founding was based on years of experience in Learning and Development in small and large, local and global organisations. In this time we have worked with many training companies, professionals and specialists and have taken the very best of our experiences with them to create thirst4 consulting.

The aim of our interventions is to change habit and in order to change habit, you need to change mindset. Most of the time, this requires more than just a short (or long) training course, and we can support in many ways to achieve this.


On occasion however, short training courses can help build confidence and kick start learning. Our training is designed with each individual client in mind. We deliver true tailoring to your organisation, your people and what they need.

On this page you can find some examples of short and longer training we have designed. This is not the limit to our topics of delivery, simply an example of previous work completed.


Managing Mental Health at Work


Assertive Communication

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Questioning and Listening

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