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Tailored Projects to Meet Your Needs

We have completed a huge variety of projects, both big and small - from one off tailored training days to full development and implementation of Behavioural Competency Frameworks. What ever your need, get in touch and we'll explore options together.



Behavioural Competency Framework

Brief: Create clarity around expectations of the behaviours required of our people to continue a heavy growth trajectory and develop a culture that promotes ownership, productivity and kindness. 

What we did: Reviewed the organisational values, job descriptions, culture, strategy and people; creating draft content for review. Consulted and information shared to refine content, style, wording (EDI positive) and aesthetics. Created and delivered training / briefings for Senior and Middle Management; launch content / communication and supporting documents / guides for effective use.

Timescales: End to end the project took 8-months to complete.


Managing Mental Wellbeing at Work

Brief: Mental Health Management Training for entire business segment. Training needed to grow manager's comfort in holding conversations around mental wellbeing with their people / teams. The training needed to be remote.

What we did: Designed an outline of a 5-hour blended training session, to be delivered over two 2.5-hour virtual 'meetings' on Zoom. Following consultation with the client, this outline was slightly refined and training was designed and delivered across to groups of 8-10. All session delivery was virtual. 

Timescales: Outline - 2 days; Design - 3 days; Delivery - variable

Feedback examples: 'It was a trigger for me to take action'; 'I liked the fact that we could share our thoughts in groups and it helped me to understand how other people approach different situations. Loen is very knowledgeable and helped us to engage with her by sharing her own personal experiences. She kept it real'



Career Mapping

Brief: To create a visual map of roles across the business segment, highlighting where opportunities exist for development and progression of internal careers.

What we did: Consultation with the HR team on structure, grading and culture of the organisation. Review of job descriptions. Creation of an initial map followed by further consultation and delivery of a highly visual career 'map'.

Timescales: 3-weeks end to end.


Creation of Employee Handbook

Brief: To create a tailored and visually appealing (remove the dryness!) employee handbook / policy suite.

What we did: Reviewed the company website and brand, essential policies and any tailored / company specific requirements and processes. Created a fully up to date policy suite as per the requirements, and branded the look as well as adding in visuals where possible.

Timescales: 3-days



LIAM, Spirax Sarco

Loen @ Thirst4Learning really took the time to understand the people priorities of my region and developed a tailored solution that suited my business and my people strategy. The training and workshops she provided have shifted the dial on a key topic for us which will help us support employee wellbeing and engagement. Loen is a great person to work with bringing genuine warmth, real business interest and great connections to draw upon

KATHRYN, hofer powertrain

Thirst4 Learning provide creative and innovative solutions and are able to design and

tailor training appropriate for the business culture and needs.
Versatile enough to meet the changing demands of the industry and develop new training plans to accommodate those demands. [They are] dedicated and excel at engaging with people to get the best out of them. They go above and beyond for their clients and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

We will be using Thirst4 Learning again in the future.

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