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Driving business performance through
skills, talent and engagement
Our Story...

In March 2019, after many years in industry, we started thirst4 consulting ltd, with the aim of
helping business leaders at all levels achieve success through people engagement and development.

Since then we have worked with small, medium and large organisations to help improve their ways of working.
We drive performance and enhance the capability and engagement of people in business with fun,
engaging and valuable learning experiences, HR and talent projects.


We offer company wide reviews and 'health-checks', develop strategy and implement improvement plans.
We design and implement talent pathways, facilitate coaching and training to support both
local and company-wide change and much, much more.


We will continue to work in partnership with our clients, making them look good by doing what we do best -

enhancing people's confidence and capability and guiding people to achieve more than they thought they could.

We believe that... should be enjoyed and should motivate people to grow, we are passionate about talent management and we also believe learning should be fun, relevant and easy to apply. We have a great love of people, business and talent and see every day as an opportunity to discover more, 
a chance to change, to grow and to improve. Our drive is to create that possibility for others.

Welcome to our world, a world of talent, opportunity and positive change.

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EXCELLENCE - We strive for the highest quality and standards of work, we are passionate about being the best and delivering the best.

GROWTH - We believe in people and we believe everyone has potential to grow. Our focus is on helping release that potential, which in turn delivers great value to our clients.

CURIOSITY - We're curious about about people and business. We believe that, to fulfil our client’s needs effectively, we need to be curious about them and what success looks like for them.

HAPPINESS - Fact: people who are happy at work perform better, deliver more and achieve greater. We work to an ethos of greater happiness at work, home and, well... everywhere!


Have a particular challenge you’re wanting to resolve? Contact us today for a free, no-obligation, chat - let's solve it together!

Tel: 07725 468897

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Tel: 07725 468897

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