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Why Mindset Matters

Mindset refers to attitude or belief. As Henry Ford said in his famous quote all those years back 'Whether you think you can, or think you can't - you're right', and for this reason, mindset really does have an impact on your success or failure.

It's not to say if you believe you can fly, without any aids for flying, you can do it if you believe enough! But within most physical and social norms, if you have the right mindset, you are pretty likely to achieve what you want.

So what is 'the right mindset'? Well, it's about adopting an attitude of 'if I work at this hard enough and in the right way, I can achieve it'. It's about owning your behaviour and the outcomes you experience in your life - avoiding blaming others for your failures and standing up when it would have been easier to have laid down.

Own it baby!

Whether you're wanting to simply feel good about a day, deliver a great presentation or get that promotion you believe you deserve, you need to own it. Own your attitude - you are in control, no one else. How you approach the day is yours to own. How you behave and the words you use in the presentation are yours to own. How you deliver evidence for and ask for that promotion are yours to own. If you do not achieve what you set out to, then it is yours to own - no one else.

Belief Bike

Well, it's actually belief cycle, but I prefer bike! There are factors that you will find make a difference to your day and achievements. Beliefs lead to thoughts, lead to behaviours, lead to outcomes and results.

Ever find you're having a crappy day, for some reason you're invisible to others, people keep shutting doors in your face, you're ignored at the shop counter until another customer comes along, people avoid eye contact with you, no-one is available for lunch... it's just a pretty crappy day.

You can find that, if you rethink your beliefs of that day being crappy to 'it can only get better and I shall simply smile through it', people will start to change towards you - if you smile at them they may well smile back at you.

Learn from failures

When things go wrong, appreciate the lessons to be learned and act upon them. Reflecting on changes you can make to improve things is an endlessly rewarding activity that we often miss opportunities with. Take time to reflect every day on where your mindset is and where it needs to be to be a success.

Let go of things you can't change

The only thing you have control over in this life is you and how you approach and react to things. You can influence others, but not control them. Most things we focus on in life are things we actually have no influence or control over, so the answer to this, to serve you well, is to let them go. Leave them behind in the rubbish dump of your mind, send them to brain landfill! Focus on what you can control and you will be better served with a successful mindset.

Right, I'm all written out for today folks, come back soon for some more tips, tricks and moves to help engage your success.

Enjoy your day and remember to smile!

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1 Comment

May 27, 2020

Great blog post. Very interesting read. What a great view and attitude.

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